Restoring natural resources injured by
oil spills and hazardous substances
released into the environment.
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NRDAR Case Documents

The natural resource damage assessment and restoration process produces a number of public documents associated with individual cases. These documents, which explain, demonstrate and inform the decision-making process, can be broadly grouped into six categories: Administrative Documents, Fact Sheets, Agreements, Settlement Documents, Assessment Documents and Restoration Documents. The specific types of public process documents that can be found in each of these categories include:

Administrative Documents: Administrative Record Index; Authoized Official Designation.

Fact Sheets: Fact Sheet.

Agreements: Trustees Agreement (also called Co-Trustees Agreement); Cooperative Agreement (also called Funding and Participation Agreement); Restoration Agreement; Federal Facility Agreement.

Settlement Documents: Damages Agreement; Administrative Order on Consent; Consent Decree; Consent Judgment; Consent Order; Settlement Agreement; Settlement Stipulation; National Pollution Funds Center Claim Determination (Claim Determination).

Assessment Documents: Preassessment Screen and Determination (Preassessment Screen); various presassesssment reports; Restoration and Compensation Determination Plan (RCDP); Preliminary Estimate of Damages; Assessment Plan; Assessment Report; various other assessment reports.

Restoration Documents: Restoration Plan; various restoration implementation and monitoring reports.

Once a case has settled or partially settled and these documents become available, they are added to the table below.
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State: Alabama

Case Name: Anniston PCB NPL-calibur site
Incident Type: chemical release, PCB
Location: Snow Creek, Choccoocco Creek
More Info
Case Name: Ciba-Geigy Corp. (McIntosh Plant) NPL site
Incident Type: chemical release
Location: Washington County, Tombigbee River
More Info

State: Alaska

Case Name: M/V Kuroshima
Incident Type: fuel oil spill
Location: Summer Bay, Unalaska Island
More Info
Case Name: T/V Exxon Valdez
Incident Type: crude oil spill
Location: Prince William Sound
More Info
Case Name: Adak Petroleum
Incident Type: oil spill
Location: Adak Small Boat Harbor, Helmet Creek, Sweeper Cove, Aleutian Islands
More Info

State: American Samoa

Case Name: F/V Jin Shiang Fa
Incident Type: oil spill
Location: Rose Atoll National Wildlife Refuge
More Info
Case Name: Nine abandoned fishing vessels
Incident Type: oil spill
Location: Pago Pago Harbor, Tutuila Island
More Info

State: Arizona (Showing 3 of 5 items. Group continues on the next page.)

Case Name: ASARCO Ray Mine and Hayden Smelter sites
Incident Type: mining, metals, hazardous substances
Location: Mineral Creek and Gila river
More Info
Case Name: Pilot Petroleum Corporation
Incident Type: tanker truck accident, diesel spill
Location: Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge
More Info
Case Name: Cypress Tohono Mine Sites
Incident Type: mining, metals
Location: Tohono O'odham Reservation
More Info

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