USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center: David Alvarez, PhD, Branch Chief (Supervisory Research Chemist)

David Alvarez PhD, Branch Chief, Environmental Chemistry

David Alvarez, PhD, Branch Chief

Supervisory Research Chemist
Employer: USGS
Staff Type: Center Staff
Duty Station: Columbia, MO
Branch: Environmental Chemistry: Passive Sampling
Phone: (573) 441-2970
Fax: (573) 876-1896

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      • Albers, Janice
      • Allert, Ann
      • Alvarez, David, PhD, Branch Chief
      • Amiot, Shannon, Student Services
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  • Rip S Shively (Supervisory Biologist)
    • Jo Ellen Hinck (Supervisory Research Fish Biologist)
    • Carl E Orazio, PhD (Supervisory Physical Scientist)
    • Tom Scott (Program Analyst)
    • Susan Finger (Volunteer)
    • Supervisory Research Ecologist
    • David Alvarez, PhD, Branch Chief (Supervisory Research Chemist)
      • Randal Clark (Physical Science Technician)
      • Stephanie Perkins (Chemist)
      • Vickie Schroeder, Five Rivers (Contractor)
      • Kathy Echols, PhD, Leader, Environmental Forensics (Research Chemist)
      • Robert Gale, PhD, Leader, Chemical Fate and Dynamics (Research Chemist)
      • Adam Moody (Chemist)
      • Danielle Cleveland, PhD; Leader, Toxic Elements (Supervisory Research Chemist)
      • Zach Rousslang (Chemist)
      • Aubrey Durst, Student Services (Contractor)
    • Jeffery "Jeff" Steevens, PhD, Branch Chief (Supervisory Research Fish Biologist)
    • Robert Jacobson, PhD, Branch Chief (Supervisory Research Hydrologist)
    • Donald Tillitt, PhD, Branch Chief (Research Toxicologist)
    • Jamie Quade (Administrative Officer)
    • Chris Henke, IT Branch Chief (Supervisory Info Tech Specialist)
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