USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center: Mark Wildhaber, PhD, Leader, Quantitative Ecology (Research Ecologist)

Mark Wildhaber, PhD

Mark Wildhaber, PhD, Leader, Quantitative Ecology

Research Ecologist
Employer: USGS
Staff Type: Center Staff
Duty Station: Columbia, MO
Branch: Ecology: Quantitative Ecology
Phone: (573) 876-1847
Fax: (573) 876-1896

In The News

  • Missouri: Climate Concerns Add to Challenges Facing Sturgeon Recovery Efforts
    Tuesday, April 26, 2011
    “Essentially we are trying to build a more comprehensive picture of how the fish may react [to changes in water level and temperature that might be associated with a changing climate],” said Mark Wildhaber, USGS research ecologist.  Read More
  • Researchers Develop Models to Predict Pallid Sturgeon’s Response to Climate Change
    Thursday, December 9, 2010
    Researchers at the United States Geological Survey’s Columbia Environmental Research Center – along with those at the University of Missouri and Iowa State University – are developing models to help predict how the Missouri River’s sturgeon population could respond to climate change.  Read More
  • Endangered Pallid Sturgeon
    Saturday, December 4, 2010
    Over the past week I’ve been working on a story about a study at the USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center. Researchers there, in conjunction with those at the University of Missouri and the Iowa State University, are developing models to help predict how the Missouri River sturgeon population may respond to climate change.
    --Courtney Flatt
    Producer for Business Beat, Reporter and Web Producer  Read More
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