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Ashley River, Cooper River


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Anadromous Fish

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Case Description

The Macalloy Corporation Site is located at 1800 Pittsburgh Avenue in Charleston, South Carolina, approximately four miles due north of the historic downtown district. This former ferrochromium alloy manufacturing plant is located on approximately 147 acres. Pittsburgh Avenue, CSX railroad and a waste-to-energy plant operated by Foster-Wheeler, Inc. constitute the southern, western and northern site boundaries, respectively. Shipyard Creek and associated salt marsh form the eastern boundary of the Site.

Ferrochromium alloy was manufactured at the site from 1941 to 1998 using electric arc furnace methods. Approximately 450 tons of chromite ore, 126 tons of coke, 45 tons of silica and 36 tons of alumina were used to produce 180 tons of finished ferrochromium per day. Waste materials generated during ferrochromium alloy production included water, airborne gases and particulate matter. Slag, ash, dust, sludge and wastewater generated on-site were stored and/or disposed of on-site in landfills and storage piles.

The Site, which ceased operations in 1998, is currently open and flat (˜10-15 feet above mean sea level). The ground surface is covered primarily with material from plant operations and is essentially devoid of vegetation except in the far northern portion and the extreme southeast corner of the site. Most of the buildings at the former plant have been demolished, although some building foundations remain. Portions of the site have been built up to current grade using slag, sludge, treated and untreated dust from air pollution control equipment and raw materials.

Case Documents

 Document TypeDocument NameDocument Date


 MOA/MOU Trustees Agreement 05/11/2007


 RCDP Restoration Compensation and Determination Plan 07/16/2010


 Consent Decree Consent Decree 10/31/2006


 Restoration Monitoring Report Intertidal Oyster Restoration Project 01/01/2013

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South Carolina Ecological Services Field Office

Charleston, SC | (843) 727-4707 |

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AO Bureau
Federal TrusteeDepartment of Commerce
State TrusteeState of South Carolina

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