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Old Lead Belt, south of Big River Mine Tailings site


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Migratory Birds, Threatened and Endangered Species

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Case Description

The Madison County Mines Superfund Site is located near Fredericktown in the Southeast Missouri Lead Mining District, where heavy metal mining has occurred since the early 1700s. The Site includes all of Madison County and the "Mine LaMotte Tract" in southern St. Francois County. Past mining operations have left at least 13 major tailings and chat deposits from mineral processing operations within the county. These materials have been transported by water and wind erosion, in addition to transport by human means to settings throughout the county. The tailings and chat contain elevated levels of lead and other heavy metals which pose a threat to human health and the environment. In addition, these deposits have resulted contaminated soils, sediments, surface water, groundwater, and are impacting ecological systems. As a result of the release of hazardous substances to the environment of Madison County, the U.S. EPA listed the site on the national priority list in 2003 and has been working to control human exposure since that time. The Trustees for Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration released a Pre-Assessment Screen and Determination for the Madison County Mines Site in 2014, an Addendum to the SEMOLMD Assessment Plan in 2015, and are implementing assessment studies currently. The assessment is focused on the Mine La Motte Recreational Area (MLMRA); Anschutz Property; and Hickory Nut Mines. Some restoration activities have been initiated related to reforestation of the floodplain around the Little St. Francis River pile using ASARCO settlement funds. The Trustees settled with ASARCO during bankruptcy proceedings for releases related to their operations at the Catherine Mine and Little St. Francis River tailings.

Credit: USFWS

Anschutz Mine Site, Credit: John Weber USFWS

Anschutz Mine Site, Credit: John Weber USFWS

Historic Photo Madison MIne, Credit: Madison County Historic Society

Worried onlookers at the NPL site, Credit: John Weber USFWS

Kick seining for crayfish in Madison County, Credit: John Weber USFWS

USGS researchers sample water quality in support of the Madison County Crayfish Study, Credit: John Weber USFWS

Researchers collect and measure crayfish from in situ toxicity testing in Madison County, Credit: John Weber USFWS

Case Documents

 Document TypeDocument NameDocument Date

Assessment;Case Funding

 PAS Preassessment Screen and Determination 06/20/2014


 Consent Decree Consent Decree (ASARCO) 02/26/2008


 Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment 06/01/2014

Assessment;Case Funding

 Study Plan Madison County DAP Addendum 05/05/2015

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Columbia Ecological Services Field Office

Columbia, MO | (573) 234-2132 |

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