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North Fork Roanoke River


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The Blacksburg Country Club (BCC) saddles about one mile of the North Fork Roanoke River (NFRR). On July 9, 2007, a tank overflowed during the filling process and fungicide and plant growth inhibitor chemicals spilled into the adjacent NFRR. Numerous fish were killed as a result, including the Roanoke logperch, a federally listed endangered species. The Trustees and BCC worked cooperatively to develop a suite of mutually-acceptable river restoration projects on BCC property, with the purpose of protecting and restoring Roanoke logperch habitat. Six restoration projects were designed to improve aquatic habitat and prevent erosion through establishment of a buffer and streambank stabilization. Restoration activities included streambank grading, riparian buffer planting, and installation of j-hook and rock vane. The projects were implemented between 2012 and 2015, and were monitored for another 5 years. Approximately 0.5 miles of stream and over 2 acres of riparian buffer were restored or created.

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Case Documents

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 Factsheet Blacksburg Country Club Fact Sheet 09/01/2019


 Complaint Complaint 02/22/2012
 Consent Decree Consent Decree 04/25/2012


 Restoration Plan Restoration Plan 12/01/2011

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Virginia Ecological Services Field Office

Gloucester, VA | (804) 693-6694 |

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