Goodrich Petroleum W-6 Facility Oil Barge Removal

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Goodrich's W-6 Facility Oil Storage Barge with a cargo of 2,500 barrels of crude oil went aground in the Delta National Wildlife Refuge on August 29, 2005, causing physical disturbance and posing a substantial threat of discharging crude oil on the Refuge. When the barge went aground and was subsequently removed, it displaced a hole at least three times the length of the barge and twice its depth, and one and one half times its width. The Refuge estimated at least an acre of wetland was below its original elevations and was denuded of vegetation. As a result of this incident, natural resources and services provided by those resources were injured.
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 Restoration Plan Restoration Plan 01/01/2014

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Louisana Ecological Services Field Office

Lafayette, LA | (337) 291-3100 |

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