Genesee River

State TrusteeState of New York
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Eastman Business Park (Kodak)

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New York

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Contaminants of Concern Include

Affected DOI Resources Include

Migratory Birds, Recreational Use Loss, Other

Case Description

Eastman Kodak Company (Kodak) is an imaging, photographic equipment, materials and service company headquartered in Rochester, New York. The company was formed in 1889. Approximately 670 solid waste management units have been identified at the facility. The Trustees preferred restoration alternative includes a suite of restoration projects from the following restoration categories: Instream and Stream Bank Enhancement/Restoration, Wetland Enhancement/Restoration, Upland Enhancement/Restoration, Avian Enhancement/Restoration, Fisheries Enhancement/Restoration, Amphibian and Reptile Enhancement/Restoration, Land Acquisition, and Natural Resource-Based Public Use Enhancement. Seven restoration projects have been identified, evaluated, and incorporated into the Final RP/EA, see Section 2.2.1, Instream and Stream Bank Enhancement/Restoration, Section 2.2.2, Wetland Enhancement/Restoration, Section 2.2.5 Fisheries Enhancement/Restoration, and Section 2.2.8, Natural Resource-Based Public Use Enhancement for further information.

Credit: FWS

Chamberlain Streambank Restoration Project Before (May 2018) and After (August 2020) Restoration , Credit: Gian Dodici, USFWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife Bioloigst

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Case Documents

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 Settlement Agreement Settlement Agreement (Kodak) 03/10/2014

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Case Contact

New York Ecological Services Field Office

Cortland, NY | (607) 753-9334 |

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