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Approximately 474,963 gallons of unleaded gasoline were released from a rupture in a Marathon Pipeline Company's (Marathon) pipeline near Gramercy, LA, St. James Parish, during May 1996. The Blind River, several tributaries, drainage and oil field canals, and the surrounding freshwater swamp were impacted by the fuel spill resulting in injuries to benthic communities, water quality, wildlife and fisheries resources, wetland habitats and associated ecological services, and recreational uses. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (collectively the "Trustees") reached an agreement for natural resource damages with Marathon during April 1998 that included a collection of recreation and ecological restoration projects. The recreation projects included improvements to the St. James Parish Boat Club, such as parking lot improvements at the public boat launch, replacement of an existing wharf, and acquisition of new playground equipment, and construction of an elevated walkway at a wetland habitat education area located at a St. James Parish welcome center. The ecological restoration project included the enhancement and preservation of 33 acres of bald cypress-water tupelo habitat and 2.28 linear miles of stream bank at the Bayou LaCache wetland mitigation area, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. These projects were successfully implemented and completed by May 2, 2000. The full administrative record is available through the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office (
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 Cooperative Assessment Agreement Draft Cooperative Preassessment Sampling Agreement between Marathon Pipe Line Company and Natural Resource Trustees 06/21/1996
 MOA/MOU Note to Administrative Record Regarding MOA 10/14/1996
 Restoration Agreement St. James Parish Recreation Projects Agreement 07/08/1998
 Restoration Agreement Wetland Mitigation Project Agreement (Redacted) 07/08/1998

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 Assessment Report Assessment of lnjuries to Natural Resources Resulting from the May 24, 1996 Gasoline Release in St. James Parish, Louisiana 12/17/1997
 Restoration Monitoring Plan Bayou LaCache Wetland Mitigation Area Agreement and Monitoring Plan 01/28/1998
 Restoration Completion Report Certificate of Completion 05/02/2000
 Restoration Completion Report Certificate of Completion 05/02/2000
 Restoration Completion Report Certificate of Completion 05/02/2000
 Assessment Plan Field Sampling and Analysis Workplan for Delineating Blind River and Tributaries 09/26/1996
 PreAssessment Data Report Fish Ecological Summary Report 07/01/1996
 PreAssessment Data Report Fish Tissue Sampling Results 07/01/1996
 Assessment Report Marathon Blind River Fuel Spill Fish and Sediment Data Validation Report  
 PreAssessment Data Report Marathon Blind River Fuel Spill Surface and Subsurface Water Sampling Results 07/01/1996
 Assessment Plan Marathon Pipeline Release Sampling and Analysis Work Plan 08/02/1996
 PreAssessment Data Report Mussel Tissue Sampling Results 07/01/1996
 NOI Notice of Intent to Conduct Restoration Planning 08/28/1996
 Assessment Report Potential Impacts on Avifauna by the Blind River Marathon Gasoline Release (Redacted) 01/08/1997
 NOI Response to Notice of Intent to Conduct Restoration Planning 01/31/1997
 Restoration Plan Restoration Plan for the Airline Highway Gasoline Release, St. James Parish, Louisiana 05/19/1998

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