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Embarras River


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Migratory Birds, Threatened and Endangered Species

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Indian Refinery-Texaco Lawrenceville is located in the southeast section of Lawrenceville, Illinois. The facility is approximately 940 acres in size and is currently owned by American Western Refining Company, Indian Refining Company, and the City of Lawrenceville. American Western owns the refinery portion of the facility. The remainder of the facility consists of the northeast portion of the facility, which is known as Indian Acres, and a land treatment area located on the northwest portion of the property. Indian Acres and the land treatment unit are owned by the Indian Refining Company. However, a small northern section (approximately 20 acres) of Indian Acres was sold to the City of Lawrenceville for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant. The Indian Refinery-Texaco Lawrenceville site is bordered to the south and to the west by wetlands, agricultural lands, and residential areas. The Embarras River forms the eastern boundary of the facility.

The facility began operations in 1907. A variety of operations occurred on the property as part of the crude oil refining process. The northeastern portion of the site, referred to currently as Indian Acres and Indian Acres North, was dedicated to lube oil refining and production. The lube oil production facility was abandoned and demolished some time after World War II and the area was used for land disposal. Typical refinery wastes deposited within this area included: lube oil filter clay sludge; acid sludge; and spent filter clays. The current refining facility is located in the central portion of the site and consists of a wastewater treatment area, process units, refinery equipment, settling basins, API separators, tanks, and disposal areas. The western portion of the site contains land treatment units and tanks. The southern portion consists mainly of tanks, wetlands, and a pond.

In 1985, Texaco Refining and Marketing Inc. suspended operation and shut down the refinery units. Through various stock transfers and change in ownerships, the following companies have all owned the facility: Indian Refining Company, Texaco Refining and Marketing, Texaco Refining and Marketing Inc. Holdings, Oil Producers Association Inc., Capserrco Inc., Indian Refining Limited Partnership (a subsidiary of Castle Energy Corporation), and American Western Refining, L.P.

The primary ongoing sources of hazardous substances at the Former Indian Refinery are the various refinery wastes or products that were deposited or spilled on site. Areas of waste disposal at the site include Indian Acres, the LTU in the northwestern area of the site, the tank farms, and other areas across the site. In addition, petroleum product, which was most likely released from leaking tanks and pipelines, is present on top of the groundwater of the site.

The riverine and floodplain forest habitats surrounding the Former Indian Refinery support a wide variety of biota that may be or have been exposed to hazardous substance and/or petroleum product releases from the refinery. Potentially injured biological resources may include, but are not limited to:
􀁠 Riverine, wetland, and floodplain forest fish and wildlife habitats
􀁠 Migratory birds
􀁠 Threatened or endangered species
􀁠 Mammalian and avian species
􀁠 Resident fish of various species
􀁠 Reptiles and amphibians
􀁠 Other aquatic flora and fauna
􀁠 Vegetation.

Credit: USFWS

Lube oil filter clay and acid sludge disposal area, Credit: Greg Ratliff, IEPA

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 FPA Funding Participation Agreement 11/02/2004
 MOA/MOU Trustees Agreement 06/25/2002

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 Assessment Plan Assessment Plan 06/01/2006
 Restoration Plan Embarras River Bottoms State Habitat Area 11/01/2014
 PAS Form Preassessment Screen and Determination 06/27/2003

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