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The Malone Service Co. site is a former, 150-acre hazardous waste storage, reclamation, and disposal facility for waste oil and chemicals along the Galveston Bay and Swan Lake shoreline in Texas City. Between 1964 and 1996, more than 480 million gallons of wastes were sent to the site from hundreds of businesses, including federal agencies. Hazardous substances released from the site to groundwater’s that have migrated to Galveston Bay and Swan Lake include acids and caustics from industrial cleaning and surface preparations; contaminated residues and solvents removed from processing and storage units during cleaning operations; spent drilling fluids, including drilling muds and brines, from well workover and exploration activities; acids containing metals from etching and plating operations; inorganic slurries from sump cleaning; gasoline and crude oil tank bottoms; contaminated earth and water from chemical spill cleanup operations; general industrial plant wastes; phenolic tars; chlorinated solvents; phenols; PAHs; chromium; lead and waste oils. Remedial investigations lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to place the site on the National Priorities List in 2001. The Trustees determined that three categories of injury resulted at the Site: injury to estuarine marsh sediments, injury to terrestrial areas due to oiled wildlife, and injury to freshwater sediments. The Trustees reached settlement for damages to natural resources in 2012. This settlement provided $2.8M for the restoration of natural resource injuries and past administrative Costs. In August of 2015, the Trustees finalized the DARP/EA, which outlines the Trustees proposal to compensate the public for the assessed injuries by the construction of approximately 70 acres of estuarine marsh habitat to address the 38.48 acre requirement, restoration of 25 acres of freshwater wetlands to address the 13.97 acre requirement, and enhancement of approximately 3 acres of terrestrial uplands to address the 2.73 acre requirement. Restoration implementation is ongoing.

Oil pits dominate the landscape at the Superfund site where the Malone Service Company processed waste chemicals and oils from 1964 to 1996., Credit: NOAA

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 Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment Malone Service Restoration Plan 07/28/2015


 Complaint Complaint 07/13/2012
 Consent Decree Consent Decree-various parties 09/24/2012

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