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Sprinfield Plateau

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Migratory Birds, Threatened and Endangered Species

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Case Description

Carver Scrap and Salvage yard is the location of an abandoned mine shaft that was used as a dump site for a variety of wastes. Eagle-Picher admits to sending one drum of unused battery casings to the site, and is therefore liable as a generator of hazardous substances disposed of at this site.  Since Carver Scrap is located within the Oronogo-Duenweg mining belt site, Jasper County, MO, contamination resulting from the extensive mining operations conducted over the years by EaglePicher and others is present. DOI has identified contaminants at the site including lead, zinc, cadmium, copper, PCBs, dioxin, aluminum, TCE and trichloroethylene. There is evidence of surface and groundwater contamination.

The primary habitat impacted by such contamination is 11 miles of Center creek. Numerous trust resources are impacted at this site including endangered species, threatened species, and migratory birds. The release of hazardous substances at this site has caused injury to, and loss and destruction of natural resources within the trusteeship of the United States. 

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 Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment 05/01/2012

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Columbia Ecological Services Field Office

Columbia, MO | (573) 234-2132 |

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