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Green Bay and Lower Fox River


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Threatened and Endangered Species, Migratory Birds

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Case Description

Starting in the mid-1950s, Lower Fox River paper companies and associated waste treatment facilities released PCBs to the Lower Fox River. These releases comprised byproducts of a process that made, converted, or recycled carbonless copy paper containing PCBs. Lower Fox River paper companies contributed to the releases, along with other municipalities, waste water treatment plants, trucking companies, and other handlers of PCB sediments and waste. Injuries to migratory birds, fish, mink, water, and sediment have been documented. Cultural resources have also been impacted at the Site.

Additional case information can be found on the Fox River Natural Resource Trustees website. Click the image below to visit the website.

Fox River Map

Newly preserved land near John Muir's boyhood home in central Wisconsin contains a mosiac of wetland and upland habitats for migratory birds., Credit: Brand Erickson

Rush Lake-prairie pot hole marsh restoration, Credit: Fox River NRDAR

Fox River West Shore, Credit: USFWS

Case Documents

 Document TypeDocument NameDocument Date


 Assessment Plan Assessment Plan 08/01/1996
 Assessment Plan Assessment Plan-Addendum 10/01/1997
 Study Report Bird Injury Report 05/07/1999
 Study Report Fish Consumption Advisory 11/24/1998
 Study Report Fish Injury Report 11/08/1999
 RCDP Initial Restoration and Compensation Determination Plan 09/14/1998
 Study Report Injuries to Surface Water 11/08/1999
 Study Report PCB Contamination and Biomarker Responses in Walleye 04/13/1999
 Study Report PCB Pathway Determination 08/30/1999
 Study Report Recreational Fishing Damages from Fish Consumption Advisories 11/01/1999
 RCDP Restoration Compensation and Determination Plan 10/25/2000
 Study Report Restoration Scaling 10/25/2000


 Consent Decree Consent Decree (de minumus) 12/16/2009
 Consent Decree Consent Decree (Fort James) 05/21/2002
 Consent Decree Consent Decree (NCR Corp.) 11/05/2010
 Consent Decree Consent Decree (NewPage) 03/26/2014
 Consent Decree Consent Decree (Whiting Paper) 09/23/2009
 Consent Decree Consent decree P.H. Glatfelter & Georgia Pacific 03/14/2019


 Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment Restoration Plan 06/01/2003
 Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment Restoration Plan- Update 07/01/2016

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Minnesota and Wisconsin Field Office Complex

New Franken, WI | (920) 866-1710 |

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