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The SRS Site is located south of Lazy Lane and lies a short distance from Route 10. The Quinnipiac River and associated wetland areas comprise the eastern border of the property. Directly south of the SRS Site is the Town of Southington’s Curtiss Street Well Field, a 28- acre parcel that contains two inactive production wells. Residential areas are situated to the west of the SRS Site. The SRS Site facility specialized in recovering waste industrial solvents and blending them for use as a fuel additive. The facility was in operation for approximately 36 years, between 1955 and 1991. Until 1967, waste sludge from the distillation process was deposited in two unlined lagoons on the SRS Site. Use of the lagoons was discontinued in 1967, and wastes were then burned in an open pit or disposed off-site. Due to spills and past operating practices, soils, groundwater, wetlands, and the adjacent Quinnipiac River were contaminated with VOCs, semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and metals. By 1983, the SRS Site was placed on the National Priorities List (NPL), and in 1991, the SRS Site facility was officially closed.

Credit: Solvents Recovery Service New England Trust Group

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 Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment 10/29/2013


 Consent Decree Consent Decree 09/30/2008
 Settlement Agreement Settlement Agreement 08/12/2008


 Powerpoint Presentations 2012 Restoration Planning Public Meeting Presentation 03/21/2012

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