ARCO Pipe Line Co. Pipeline Crude Oil Spill

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Santa Clara River



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Threatened and Endangered Species, Migratory Birds

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On January 17, 1994, an oil pipeline owned by ARCO Pipe Line Company, ruptured during and following the Northridge earthquake. The largest oil spill occurred near the city of Santa Clarita, in Los Angeles County. Approximately 190,000 gallons, or 4600 barrels, of crude oil flowed from the pipeline break along a roadway, entered a storm drain, then an open drainage ditch, and on into the Santa Clara River. The oil flowed downstream for approximately 16 miles, where a dam was constructed to prevent further spread of the oil.

Credit: California Dept of Fish and Wildlife

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 Restoration Implementation Report 2011 Restoration Hedrick Ranch Nature Area 07/01/2011
 Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment Restoration Plan 10/01/2002
 Restoration Implementation Report Santa Clara River Floodplain Restoration 08/01/2007
 Restoration Implementation Report Santa Clara River Revegetation and Monitoring 07/15/2011
 Restoration Implementation Report Volunteer Program Hedrick Ranch  


 Consent Decree Consent Decree 12/27/1996


 Study Report Santa Clara River Avian Populations 01/19/2011
 Study Report Santa Clara River Steelhead Trout 12/01/2005
 Study Report Santa Clara River Sticklebacks Distribution  


 Other 2006 Conservation Plan Santa Clara River 01/01/2008
 Other 2008 Conservation Plan Santa Clara River 09/01/2006
 Other T and E Species Habitat Prioritization 06/01/2000

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