T/V Command bunker Fuel Oil Spill

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Pacific Ocean off central California



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Migratory Birds, Threatened and Endangered Species

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Case Description

On the evening of September 26, 1998, the T/V Command left San Francisco Bay bound for Panama. As it traveled in the southbound traffic lane off San Francisco and San Mateo County coasts, it released an estimated 3,000 gallons of Intermediate Bunker Fuel (IBF) 380, also known as Fuel Oil No.6. Due to light winds and fair weather, the oil moved little in the first few days, primarily staying in the vicinity of the southbound traffic lane. On September 30, oil began to wash ashore, largely in the form of scattered tarballs, over 15 miles of beaches, primarily in San Mateo County. A tarball sample collected as far away as the Salinas River mouth in Monterey County, however, matched the source sample from the tanker.

Credit: California Dept of Fish and Wildlife

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 Factsheet 2004 News Update 01/01/2004
 Factsheet 2005 News Update 01/01/2005
 Factsheet 2006 News Update 01/01/2006
 Factsheet 2009 News Update 01/01/2009
 Factsheet 2012 News Update 01/01/2012


 MOA/MOU Trustees Agreement 11/07/2001


 Restoration Scoping Document Restoration Scoping 05/01/2002


 Consent Decree Consent Decree 03/21/2000

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 Restoration Monitoring Report 2004 Common Murre Annual Report 08/01/2005
 Restoration Monitoring Report 2004 Corvid Monitoring Report 05/05/2005
 Restoration Monitoring Report 2005 Common Murre Annual Report 12/01/2006
 Restoration Monitoring Report 2005 Corvid Monitoring Report 09/28/2005
 Restoration Monitoring Report 2006 Common Murre Annual Report 12/01/2007
 Restoration Monitoring Report 2007 Common Murre Annual Report 12/01/2008
 Restoration Monitoring Report 2008 Common Murre Annual Report 09/01/2009
 Restoration Monitoring Report 2009 Common Murre Annual Report 11/01/2010
 Restoration Monitoring Report 2010 Sooty Shearwater Restoration Annual Report 03/07/2011
 Restoration Monitoring Report 2012 Sooty Shearwater Restoration Annual Report 07/11/2013
 Restoration Monitoring Report 2014 Sooty Shearwater Restoration Annual Report 01/01/2003
 Restoration Monitoring Report Marbled Murrelet Report 01/01/2008

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Sacramento Fish & Wildlife Office

Sacramento, CA | (916) 414-6600 | http://www.fws.gov/sacramento/

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