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On September 22, 1998, an unknown volume of oil (similar to a medium weight crude oil) was discharged during a blowout of a well owned by Equinox into the waters of Lake Grande Ecaille, in Plaquemines Parish, coastal Louisiana. The exact volume of oil discharged is unknown, but estimates range from less than 450 bbl to 1,500 bbl. The oil was discharged in a jet that shot straight up approximately 200-300 feet into the air along with natural gas, produced water, and sand. The blowout continued for approximately 11 hours, at which point the discharge was stopped. Equinox responded to the spill, deploying booms, and later vacuuming up the oily sand that was deposited in the vicinity of the wellhead. Several thousand acres of surface water in Lake Grande Ecaille, as well as the Gulf of Mexico, were covered by slicks or sheens from the incident, and approximately 1,233 acres of wetlands (predominantly Spartina alterniflora marsh) were exposed to oil. Hurricane Georges passed near the area four days later on September 26, 1998, causing the response efforts to be suspended for a period, but also removing some of the oil from the marshes and surface waters. After the passage of the hurricane, some areas that had previously been free of oil were oiled as a result of the redistribution of stranded oil.

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 Settlement Agreement Settlement Agreement 01/05/2006


 Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment Restoration Plan 11/20/2005

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Louisana Ecological Services Field Office

Lafayette, LA | (337) 291-3100 | http://www.fws.gov/lafayette/

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