Commencement Bay Nearshore/Tideflats NPL Site

Puyallup Tribe of the Puyallup Reservation, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe (previously listed as the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe of the Muckleshoot Reservation, Washington)
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Commencement Bay, Puget Sound


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Migratory Birds, Anadromous Fish, Recreational Use Loss, Threatened and Endangered Species

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Extensively dredged and filled since the 1800’s, this 12-square mile site consists of eight industrialized waterways, shorelines and uplands. Nearly 300 industries have produced a variety of hazardous substances such as solvents, metals, PCBs, pesticides, and PAHs which end up in the air, surface and ground water, as well as the sediments and soils of the Commencement Bay area. Concentrations of 100 to 1000 times those in reference areas were measured for 28 contaminants or contaminant groups. This widespread contamination led the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to list the site in 1981 as a Superfund site. Contaminants released from activities such as ship building and repair, timber-related pulp and kraft milling, oil refining, chemical manufacturing and storage, aluminum and specialty ore smelting, and automotive repair and recycling, have impacted fish and wildlife of South Puget Sound. These contaminant related impacts include fishery closures and warnings, exceedences of State water and sediment quality standards, fin erosion, tumors in fish, reproductive and behavioral effects, suppressed disease resistance, and reduced populations.

Credit: USFWS

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 Factsheet Fact Sheet 07/01/2006


 MOA/MOU Commencement Bay Trustees Agreement 08/09/1990
 Restoration Agreement Restoration Agreement 05/31/1995
 Restoration Agreement Yowkwala Property Preservation SiteTrustees Agreement 09/12/2001


 Restoration Monitoring Plan 2001 Restoration Monitoring Program 03/01/2001
 Restoration Monitoring Report Final Habitat Monitoring Report Middle Waterway Restoration Project 12/01/2005
 Restoration Plan Hylebos Marsh and Wildlife Habitat 03/01/1997
 HEA/REA Hylebos Waterway Settlement Proposal Report 03/14/2002
 Restoration Plan Middle Waterway Estuarine 03/01/1997
 Restoration Monitoring Report Olympic View Resource Area Habitat Monitoring Completion Report 07/01/2011
 PAS Form Preassessment Screen 10/29/1991
 Restoration Plan Restoration Plan 06/01/1997
 Restoration Plan Sediment Cleanup Goals  
 Restoration Monitoring Report Swan Creek Monitoring Completion Report 11/01/2011
 Restoration Monitoring Report Tahoma Salt Marsh Habitat Monitoring Completion Report 09/01/2011
 Restoration Monitoring Report Year 1 Monitoring Report  

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 Complaint Complaint BHP Hawaii, Inc. 04/10/2008
 Complaint Complaint Weyerhaeuser Co. 04/10/2008
 Consent Decree Consent Decree (BHP Hawaii) 06/13/2008
 Consent Decree Consent Decree (CD Foss Maritime) 05/23/2011

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