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The Greens Bayou Site consists of two industrial facilities owned and operated by GB Biosciences Corporation and ISK Magnetics, Inc., surrounding industrial and undeveloped properties, the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) ditch, and Greens Bayou. Historically the Site (or portions of the Site) were owned and operated by Occidental Chemical Corporation. Haden Road roughly divides the Site into two parcels consisting of the operating facilities (approximately 134 acres) and a largely undeveloped tract of land (approximately 83 acres). Surface water from the Site is conducted in the HCFCD ditch, a partially-lined culvert, where it flows through the facilities from north to south, then turns southwest near Haden Road and terminates at Greens Bayou. The HCFCD ditch was tidally influenced in the southern sections until a sediment retention dam was constructed at the mouth of the ditch in 2002. Greens Bayou flows east through an industrialized area before turning southwest prior to entering the Houston Ship Channel approximately 20 miles northeast of its confluence into Galveston Bay. These facilities produced a variety of organochlorine pesticides, magnetic iron oxides, and approximately 40 other contaminants of concern identified with the operations at the GB site, including DDT and its constituents and degradation products, volatile and semi volatile organic compounds and various metals. Historical operations at these two facilities have resulted in releases of these substance to the Greens Bayou Site and into waters and sediments of the HCFCD ditch and Greens Bayou.

The Trustees determined that two categories of injury resulted at the Greens Bayou Site, injury to bayou sediments and injury to terrestrial forested wetlands/grasslands. Approximately 6.9 acres of benthic habitat in Greens Bayou were impacted by hazardous substances historically released from the Site. This area and approximately 12.4 acres of additional benthic habitat will likely be impacted by the remedial actions at the Site. The creation of the Confined Dredge Disposal Facility to manage sediments dredged as part of the remedial activities will result in the destruction of approximately 34.6 acres of prairie, forested wetlands, and woodlands habitats. The Trustees issued a Final DARP/EA in 2008. Under this Final DARP/EA, assessed resource injuries will be compensated for by the construction of approximately 10.9 acres of vegetated intertidal wetlands as well as the preservation in perpetuity of 100.0 acres of forested wetlands. In January of 2013, the Trustees settled with the responsible parties for the implementation of the restoration specified in the 2008 Final DARP/EA and Trustee administrative costs. These actions will result in the replacement of benthic resources lost and/or injured due to exposure to hazardous substances as well as response activities associated with the removal of contaminated sediments from Greens Bayou. These restoration actions will also result in the replacement of terrestrial resources lost and/or injured due to response activities associated with the Site. The selected restoration alternatives will be located in the general vicinity of the Site, in upper Galveston Bay, Buffalo Bayou or San Jacinto River watersheds. The wetlands were constructed within the Baytown Nature Center, a model of ecological restoration in which a former residential subdivision has been converted back into intertidal and freshwater habitat enjoyed by humans and wildlife alike. Construction of the wetland habitats were completed in 2015. The forested wetlands were preserved in conjunction with the Spring Creek Preserve initiative spearheaded by local government and the Legacy Land Trust in 2009. These actions were implemented by the potentially responsible parties, with Trustee oversight, pursuant to the terms of a settlement of natural resource damage claims for the Site embodied in a formal Consent Decree.
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 Restoration Implementation Report Conservation Appendices B-E 10/05/2009
 Restoration Implementation Report Conservation Easement 10/05/2009
 Assessment Plan Damage Assessement and Restoration Plan 12/14/2008
 Restoration Implementation Report Final Implementation Plan 02/01/2011


 Complaint Complaint 01/29/2013
 Consent Decree Consent Decree 04/03/2013

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