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Migratory Birds

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The 44-acre Tansitor Site is located approximately three miles west of the City of Bennington, Vermont.  The Site consists of a manufacturing facility, a chemical storage shed, several waste disposal areas, a fire pond, and considerable undeveloped open and wooded land.  Tansitor Electronics, Inc. a manufacturer of electronic capacitors, has been in operation at the Tansitor Site since 1956. Some of the wastes generated during Tansitor's manufacturing process were disposed on the Tansitor Site between 1956 and 1979.  Contamination resulting from metals, including silver, mercury, copper, zinc and lead has also occurred due to Site activities.  In October, 1989 the Tansitor Site was officially listed on the Superfund NPL.

Injury to Trust Resources, specifically migratory birds, occurred at the Tansitor Site due to indirect and direct effects from metals contamination in the perennial stream.  In 1998, the USFWS determined that approximately 1,100 feet of stream were contaminated, primarily with silver and other metals.

Credit: USEPA

Case Documents

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 Factsheet Fact Sheet 01/01/2010


 Consent Decree Consent Decree-Transitor and Siemens 01/11/1999


 Restoration Plan Restoration Plan 01/20/2005

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New England Ecological Services Field Office

Concord, NH | (603) 223-2541 | http://www.fws.gov/newengland/

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