Rush Lake Land Preservation (192)

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United States of America

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Threatened and Endangered Species; Migratory Birds


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Project Description

This project acquired and protected two parcels totaling 221 acres of high quality wetland and associated upland habitat for wildlife species injured by PCBs, including migratory birds. The Kargus and Tews parcels are located in the city of Omro and the township of Nepeuskun, respectively. This project directly protects and conserves critical feeding and resting stopover habitat for migratory species (birds, butterflies, and insects) along the north and western shore of Lake Michigan and will support local island biodiversity.   Protection of the upland portions of this island will preclude residential or commercial building and the associated near shore / shallow water disturbances; this will indirectly result in the long-term protection of near shore fish spawning and fish-eating bird habitat around the perimeter of the island.

Restoration Land Ownership

Fish and Wildlife Service; State

Parties Implementing Restoration

Ducks Unlimited

DOI Project Representatives

Fish and Wildlife Service

Map of Kargus Acquisition (55 acres total). The red line indicates the boundaries of the acquisition, the yellow line indicates the Uihlein WPA property the acquisition contributed to.

Map of Tews Acres acquisition (166 acres total), Credit: WI DNR

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