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James River


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Migratory Birds, Threatened and Endangered Species, Anadromous Fish

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The C & R Battery Company, Inc. National Priorities List (NPL) Site (Site) is located in an industrial area in Chesterfield County, Virginia, approximately 6 miles southeast of Richmond, Virginia. From the early 1970s until 1985, the Site was used as a battery sawing and shredding facility designed to recover lead from discarded automobile and truck batteries. Waste generated by the operation included lead and other heavy metals, plastic battery casing material, and sulfuric acid. Lead contamination was detected in drainage ditches leading to the James River, and likely impacted migratory birds, fish, mussels and other aquatic life. By 1999, all responsible parties - the many entities who had disposed of batteries at the Site - had settled with EPA, DOI and NOAA. Funding was provided for restoration projects within the James River watershed at Presquile National Wildlife Refuge, including river bank stabilization, riparian buffer planting, and the establishment of a native tree nursery. Projects are implemented by volunteer assistance, students of the James River Ecology School and USFWS staff.

Credit: USFWS

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 Factsheet Fact Sheet 2008 11/01/2008
 Factsheet Fact Sheet 2010 05/01/2010


 Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment Restoration Plan 01/01/2009


 AOC Administrative Order by Consent 09/26/1994

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Virginia Ecological Services Field Office

Gloucester, VA | (804) 693-6694 | http://www.fws.gov/northeast/virginiafield/

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